FELCO’s Commitment

We work with each customer claim on a case by case basis to determine the best course of action to help customers get their hands on a real FELCO.

Anna Claire Novotny

“I have been using my classic FELCO #2 secateurs since I began gardening and farming many years ago. My dad gifted a pair each to me and my husband as wedding gifts. My parents still use their original FELCOs from the 70s and 80s— they’ve been a part of my life, a symbol of good craftsmanship, and a necessary tool for us.

We recently lost a pair in our family so I ordered a new pair. When the package arrived, I was horrified to see a counterfeit, and a poor copy at that…Folks are getting ripped off, sold a counterfeit, and more importantly, the FELCO name is being tarnished…I’m a huge fan of Felco. I give them as gifts, and I recommend them to other farmers. I want these frauds stopped.“
– Anna Claire Novotny, Buttonwood Hollow Farm from Chatham, NY

Dick Schreiber

“As a backyard gardener I’m constantly pruning – I was looking for something that wouldn’t fail. I searched online for the best pruners and FELCO seemed highly rated. I decided to order a pair on Amazon but when they arrived they stopped working after about an hour of use and the safety catch malfunctioned, closing the blades when I pointed the pruners downwards. A huge nuisance!

There’s no way that could be right. I contacted FELCO and found out Amazon sent me counterfeit pruners! What a disappointment.

I got a refund from Amazon, but no apology – they didn’t make me feel confident there’s a remedy in place. FELCO did one better and sent me a discount code for a pair of two-handed lopers that are fantastic – they’re sharp and lightweight – perfect for me. It’s nice to know FELCO goes the extra mile to make it right with their customers.”

Ralph Morini

I am a Master Gardener who sees pruning as live art. I was excited when my wife gave me an alleged FELCO pruner for Christmas, but became quickly disenchanted when I put it to use. It didn’t cut well, the handle lock broke and the handle covers didn’t fit and slid off the tool. I was relieved when I was contacted by FELCO and informed of the fakes. When I went through their checklist of design issues to verify the fake, it was clear I had one. I responded to the FELCO Facebook post and sent my fake back as per instructions. Just got the real deal today and the difference is obvious.

It is heavier, the blade alignment is perfect, the lock is more robust and the handle covers are secure. Not only that – it cuts great. Thanks to FELCO for putting customers first and not quibbling about legitimately protecting their quality reputation. I will look to FELCO for future purchases.

Sara Wagner

I have purchased many different trimmers through the years but after following some gardening blogs and hearing how the FELCO #2 trimmers are the best, I decided to invest in a pair. Found a good price on Amazon and purchased a pair. I recently saw an ad on Facebook about fake trimmers being sold. Looking at the description, I was pretty sure I had purchased a “fake” pair. I followed the directions and I returned my pair to see if they were fake. In a short time I received a new “real” FELCO trimmers. Also received a follow up call to make sure I was happy. While their trimmers are awesome, their customer service is unheard of in today’s market, outstanding!
– Sara Wagner, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

C. Jones

Over the years as a professional landscaper and home gardener, I have used many brands of pruners. Anyone could notice the difference between the quality and functionality of a FELCO tool over its competitors. As a FELCO tool collector and user, I recently purchased a FELCO 8 from a trusted major online retailer site advertising 45% off for a short period of time. I purchased one without hesitation. Wow! What a deal! The listing, picture, and description looked like an authentic Swiss-made FELCO, but it shipped from Hong Kong. After contacting the seller I discovered it was a 3rd party seller. I was disgusted. I didn’t know unverified sellers could list under such a big name online shopping site. The seller guaranteed me a genuine FELCO tool but I received a total fake two weeks later. I was lied to and furious.​ I chucked the pruner into the back of my shop. One year later, I found out about the RealFELCO initiative. I sent in my item and within a week they already shipped me a real FELCO from the address of the US main branch. That’s going above and beyond – standing behind your product. I will always feel part of the FELCO family. I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to buy her her own pair of FELCO Pruners and a little diamond sharpening tool for her 910+ holster.